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  The Main Challenge

Quickly provide a communication system for the defense needs of civilian security teams in Israel, as they had to protect themselves independently during the October 7th crisis.

  The Solution

A mobile application facilitates the rapid and immediate exchange of essential information among team members, prioritizing the reporting of terrorist incidents and seamless coordination within teams.

Team app

Collaborative application for reporting alerts for preparedness groups

The project was done in colloboration with Dan Karsenti

Reporting an alert is possible by providing essential information for swift publication

The locations of alerts and live positions of team members and other teams are showcased on an interactive map

View all alerts in chronological order

After publishing the alert, you can edit it to add more information or media, and update the status

  Integrating WhatsApp

For immediate use the app built on the foundation of WhatsApp, seamlessly integrates with the teams' existing communication channels. Key information is extracted, including connection requests, user details, and team leader identification. A bot alerts inactive members about important events within the application.

After inputting the phone number into the application, it can recognize the user by the WhatsApp groups to which they belong

A bot connects to the WhatsApp group, sending notifications about alerts, for those who are not currently active

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The application sends push notifications for new alerts


As the objective is to set the app into active use, Upon logging in, quickly communicate the app's functionalities to team members.

  Wireframes sketches

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