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  The Main Challenge

Creating an index housing the repository of Jewish stories, each with diverse characteristics and components. The index's aim is to make these stories accessible and spark curiosity and discovery

  The Solution

Crafting a website hosting all stories, enabling straightforward navigation, filtering, and comprehensive exploration of each story


Agada is a digital platform that gathers the diverse stories of the Jewish people throughout communities and historical timelines. Its primary goal is to establish a home for the rich Jewish heritage, ensuring its accessibility to a wider audience

Results following a free search

The top menu features an advanced search option, presenting diverse filters for further refining the search

  Exploration Experience

Beyond specific search capabilities, my goal was to enable a more explorative, open experience that encourages curiosity and discovery


The website begins with an interactive timeline highlighting various periods in Jewish history. Each segment includes hotspots linking to stories categorized within that period, inviting users to explore and discover new narratives


You can navigate stories via the topics page, organized into distinct groups. Upon selecting a topic, dive deeper into its details and explore all stories tagged with that specific topic

Furthermore, there are numerous other ways to navigate and discover new stories. These include browsing by date on the calendar, exploring by geographical regions, suggesting stories with similar themes after finishing a read, and more

Personal Perspectives

You can also explore notable individuals who've shared their interpretations of a story, providing insights into the narratives from their perspectives

Search Results Components

Search results comprise story units, each with consistent yet unique components that essentially enable the filtering of stories


Another way to filter is through fields, each representing a period in Jewish history. These fields play a vital role in both the site's mechanics and its visual presentation

Additional Content

Results can also be filtered to show stories with additional content such as podcasts, videos, or an additional children's versions


The tags showcase the primary topics within each story, enabling users to filter results accordingly

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